Sunday, March 28, 2004

More to the blog roll, Madonna strikeout

I'm adding a new blog to the blog roll. I don't know this guy at all but his blog is fun to read. It's My Stupid Dog written by a guy named Tim who describes his blog as "miscellaneous culture and politics (but mostly culture) from a gay, conservative grad student and former writing teacher living between careers in beautiful Charlottesville, Virginia." He was linked in the article on why zombies run so fast that was on Slate the other day which is how I stumbled across his blog. Interesting stuff. Funny how zombies connect people.

And as you can probably imagine, getting Madonna tickets was a complete exercise in futility--mostly Heidi's exercise as she was the one at home doing the calling. When we got tickets for the Drowned World Tour, you could get in a phone queue at Ticketmaster before the tickets went on sale, but they wouldn't let you do that for some reason or another this time around. So Heidi tried calling at exactly 10AM and, of course, she could never get through. We were headed to Iowa City for the day so we just kind of resigned ourselves to not being able to get tickets. I came back from Iowa City last night to find out that not only had they added two additional Chicago shows after the first one sold out, but that both of those were sold out as well! There is one addition show (four total) for which tickets have yet to go on sale, but I'm not holding my breath. In a way, it seems kind of silly and I really don't have the money and I'm not really wanting to drive to Chicago. I can always cross my fingers and hope she adds a Des Moines date, but yeah right! Like that's gonna happen! :) Oh well, guess I'd rather get an iPod anyway, but Jeff'll kill me if I don't at least try to get tickets for that last show. Tickets go on sale on Saturday, April 3rd, so we'll see.

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