Sunday, June 17, 2007

Clearing the jungle

There's a spot in my backyard that I swear is tapped into a natural well of Miracle-Gro. And of course, it's really nothing but weeds and thistles and junior trees - things I don't want growing. Despite all my efforts to keep it under control (mostly me saying things like "I wish it would just stop growing!" and other equally ineffective things) it almost always gets away from me. For your consideration:

So tonight I finally got out the hedgetrimmers, put on jeans and gloves and went out and cut down all the brush. It is not my choice of activities, but it really needed to be done. And here as I said to Heidi, is the fruit of my fucking labors:

Beautiful if I do say so myself. Of course, it wouldn't be me operating a power tool if I didn't get the cord caught in the hedgetrimmer (I did.) So now I have to try to figure out either a) how to fix it or b) where I can buy a new one. So we'll see. I sweat like a pig while I was out there cutting it down (mostly due to the jeans - but it was either that or get stuck by the thistles) but it feels good to have it done. For now. Give it a couple weeks and it'll be back.

My own private Dagobah. Or maybe Endor. It's hard telling.


Yuяi said...

I'm about as bad with yard stuff as I am with home improvement! But I think you done good, young jedi!

Paul said...

thank god for living in an apartment, though in our last house there was this stretch of land that just was weed central and the scene of an amazingly embarrassing, public hissy fit for me when i pronged my foot with the shovel and fell face first in to the weeds and darren laughed and i think you can see i was provoked!

Unknown said...

Awesome job! It really does look great. :)