Thursday, June 28, 2007


Can you believe this?

Online Dating

Actually, I can. I never said that what I wrote here was appropriate for the kiddies.

It's been a long day - up at 5:30AM, worked all day, drove to the in-laws' house two and a half hours away after that. And now, here I sit. Exhausted. Hopefully, I'll muster up the energy for something relevant tomorrow. Until then, if you're under 17, make sure your parents are reading over your shoulder, embarrassing you because you don't want the cool kids to see you with YOUR PARENTS.

I missed out on a lot of good movies and free food because I had the required "I'm too cool for my parents" phase when I was a teenager.


Yuяi said...

Scandalous! What would my parents say about me reading a rated R blog?!! Nobody better tell! :)

genkiboy said...

oddly enough, when i tried the rating site just now, you only got a pg, not even a pg-13. - less racy than advertised? :-p