Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Making the best of a bad situation

This is via Caryle, and it made me laugh out loud tonight after work. I totally love geeky humor like this.

So You're Hosting An Alien Embryo...

Of course, I take issue with several things.

1) Everyone knows that once you have the facehugger on you, you pretty much lose consciousness and aren't able to host parties or take in food. Kane in the original Alien is pretty much in the sick bay the entire time the facehugger is attached to him.

2) Even if you were conscious, the facehugger only hangs on long enough to implant the embryo - falling off and dying shortly thereafter. And then it's only a short time to sternum fracture and the appearance of the chestburster.

3) The embryo implanted in the mediastinum DOES NOT LOOK LIKE THE FACEHUGGER. I mean, why would it? The facehugger is just the means to implant the embryo. The embryo looks like this:

Of course, I'm a total geek about all things Alien, so sue me.

But still, what a great laugh it was!!

P.S. In surfing for photos for this post (and doing general research) I discovered that Alien 3 (arguably the most maligned installment in the series) can be read as an AIDS allegory. It's past time to watch that movie again - especially the extended cut on the Alien Quadrilogy.

And then, there's this craziness:

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Anonymous said...

Glad it made you laugh. :)

As for that Pepsi commercial - what were they thinking??