Saturday, June 23, 2007

Random jottings

I'm borrowing from dear Mikey (who I sincerely hope is feeling better) for my post title, and now, on with the song.

1) Wouldn't you know it, the week I tell Casey Stratton he should get on to and, oh, by the way, artists can upload their music to it and potentially get more exposure, the damn site has the worst server issues it has had in months. Scrobbling has been intermittent at best and apparently, his music won't get on line for a while. Motherf*ckers! (the non sexy ones, thankyouverymuch.) The scrobbling issue seems to have sorted itself out, but who knows when his music will be available for streaming.

2) I slept until 11AM today (well, not quite, but nearly.) I haven't done that since college or since the last time I was sick.

3) I got the CD Evil Dead: The Musical (Original Cast Recording) for my birthday. While I'm not one to get into Broadway showtunes (movie showtunes are an entirely different story), I'm finding this to be right up my alley. Of course, having zombies in it doesn't hurt it one iota. The duet between Scott and Ash entitled "What The Fuck Was That?" is a definite highlight. A real earworm, I tell ya.

4) That having been said, I've had Evil Dead out from Netflix for a week and a half now and I have yet to finish it. It's not as good as I remember it being.

All right, off to finish that movie. Or read my book. Who knows what I'll get up to.


Yuяi said...

..."I'd love to know. Wouldn't you?"

Dan said...

I knew that I could count on either you or XO for that comment!! ;)

lucas said...

that was pretty impressive!