Thursday, January 24, 2008

And dream of semis

I stayed up too late last night and then had a hard time falling asleep once I finally did go to bed. Once I fell asleep, did I dream or what? Usually, I have a hard time remembering my dreams, but I woke up from this one in the middle of the night and now I wish I had written it down because I only remember parts of it now that morning has arrived. All I can say is that it was bizarre in the extreme.

What I do remember is that somehow, for some reason, I was part of the orchestra pit in the musical version of Convoy. I know. I need therapy. I've never even seen the movie and haven't heard the song in an age! At any rate, it was me and my buddy Yuri. (sorry, Yuri, not sure why you were dragged into that insanity!) We had signed up for this, but as we got involved in it, we realized that there WASN'T a musical version of Convoy, and that it was up to us to get the songs written and the plot developed and hire the actors and everything because they had booked a world tour of the show! With none of the particulars figured out! And they expected us, measly members of the pit, to come up with this.

Well, the next thing I know, the shows are being put on, but instead of being put on in a theater or an auditorium, but rather, they were all roadside on various interstates. What I remember are hundreds and hundreds of semi trucks lined up on the side of the road. And the orchestra pit? Well, it was a hole dug in the shoulder of the road. I was on the piano and I was not in the pit, for I distinctly remember the rush of the semis as they tore past me at 70 miles an hour just inches behind my back while the song "Convoy" was playing. I was nervous for my hearing as well because it was so damn loud.

And hanging on all these trucks were rednecks of every shape and sort. Yuri and I had to try to fit in with them, which got increasingly difficult as the dream went on, but we were making great money because the show was a huge hit, despite the fact that I felt like I was in extreme peril every night and a hair's breadth from being creamed by a semi.

I remembered so much more about it in the middle of the night and I'm kicking myself for not writing it down then, but then I probably would have been awake for the duration and, contrary to what I like to believe, I do need sleep to stay alive. But what an odd mess of imagery. I'm one of those folks that believes that your subconscious can speak to you through dreams, but I'm a bit baffled by this one. I can't stop thinking about the trucks being so close and although I was scared, it was also exhilarating. Food for thought, I'm certain.

So if my subconscious was speaking to me last night, it certainly was speaking in tongues. But Yuri? Nice to see you. :)


Yuяi said...

That is so crazy, Dan! I was laughing at how we had to "fit in" with all the rednecks! That must have been hard to do. I guess we truly have made it through the wilderness!

Anonymous said...

Augh! Now that damned song is stuck in my head!

I documented one of my weirder recent dreams to my friend Matt through IM the other night. The details are fairly inconsequential and really only make sense to people I went ot high school with. Anyway, I woke up with Kenny Rogers's Dole jingle from the 80s stuck in my head.

Dan said...

ooshiny - Dear heavens! The Kenny Rogers Dole jingle? I'm almost afraid to look for that on YouTube.

Yuri! We did make it through the wilderness. And it was hard for us to fit in with the rednecks. Imagine that! ;)