Thursday, January 31, 2008

Shouldn't I have all of this

Prompted by my recent ranking of my top 5 albums, I was listening to Mary Chapin Carpenter in as I beautified myself this morning. "I Feel Lucky" came on and I was immediately reminded of the video, which I think was one of the first videos I saw on VH1 in my dorm room at Iowa. I was tempted to post it, just for the nuts of it, but then, I got to thinking, "I wonder if the video for 'Passionate Kisses' is on YouTube?" A quick search yielded this result.

What an amazing video, and not for the reasons you would expect. It's not loaded with special effects or celebrity guests. Mostly, it's ust MCC and a bunch of anonymous people. But for whatever reason, it really got to me this morning. Chapin almost always tends a bit toward the melancholy, but this song? Pure joy. A demand to the universe that she can have it all. I love how autumnal the video is, with the leaves whipping around her. An MCC is just beautiful - and not in the supermodel way that so many stars are. She's real. She's a WOMAN and not a stick insect as Bridget Jones might say. She's another one of those celebrities that I wish I could meet because they seem so genuine, but as always, it's a good idea to keep your distance from people you admire in that way lest they disappoint.

My favorite part of the song is this part:

Do I want too much?
Am I going overboard to want that touch?
Shout it out to the night
Give me what I deserve
Cuz it's my right.

I was doing some reading last night about that North Node in Capricorn thing that Heidi was blogging and I have to remember those last three lines. So frequently, I just sacrifice and sacrifice and sacrifice, hoping that someone will notice. Well, guess what? All that sacrifice is a cold consolation because I'm the only one that notices. And truthfully, that's also not taking very good care of myself because if I'm not taking care of me, I certainly can't take care of anyone else.

So anyway, off to work. And to think, I didn't even hear "Passionate Kisses" in the bathroom this morning.


Anonymous said...

That's a great video and song. I was in the midst of my country music "phase" when that song came out and it was among my favorites. I love her voice; it's so smooth and lovely.

Dan said...

I frequently refer to Chapin as "thinking man's country." I was so happy to find out she was not a Republican like so many other country artists seem to be.

Anonymous said...

I love the video around 1.11 where someone throws leaves in front of the camera in a bid to be autumnal. They don't make videos like they used to. Nice song.