Thursday, January 17, 2008

Bits and pieces

Some random updates:

It's Thursday night and I've worked early for the last three days. I have never been more excited to sleep in than I am tonight for I don't work until the afternoon tomorrow. Of course, that means I will stay up way too late and it'll all come out in the wash anyway and my general state of sleep deprivation will go unchanged.

Heidi was going to straighten my hair again tonight for it's been about 3 months since I last did it and the curl is definitely starting to come back. However, I was looking in the mirror tonight and thought that really, my hair is really straight despite all that. So we're putting it off for now. This is probably for the best as we really should buy new relaxer and I am too cheap to do it. When I was talking to Jill (the lady who cuts my hair) she says that the relaxer just doesn't work as well if you save it. I'm convinced that my hair will either fall out or turn purple if I use it.

I'm thinking about watching at least part of Grindhouse: Planet Terror tonight either before bed or on the laptop in bed. It arrived from Netflix yesterday and I am excited to watch it. I don't know if it'll be any good. I've been told that Grindhouse: Death Proof was only okay, so I'm not sure how good Planet Terror will be. But it's a zombie flick (sort of), and have I mentioned that Rose McGowan takes off her leg and REPLACES IT WITH A MACHINE GUN??

If you'd like to see Heidi go all drooly over guys kissing guys, head over to her blog (but don't read the text if you don't want the first episode of the second season of Torchwood completely spoiled.) First she's kissing Dr. Who in her dreams and now it's Captain Jack and Spike from Buffy kissing each other. Where will it end?

D'Luv and XO helped me locate a blast from the past the other night. I've been looking for the Bizarre, Inc. song "I'm Gonna Get You" because I have this memory of my college roommate singing along to this song in a most hilarious fashion back in the day. And besides, one rarely needs an excuse to, as D'Luv put it, get one's early 90's on. Anyway, they located not just one but two versions of it. Heavenly.

It snowed last night. Again. I got the snowblower out after work tonight and it nearly didn't start. I was about to give up and get out the shovel (a Herculean task with the size of our driveway) when suddenly, the engine turned over and we were in business. The snow was annoying as fuck though. It is that powdery shit that blows all over the place no matter which way you aim the chute. So it only sort of looks like I did something. I, however, was a popsicle at the end of the job.

I have been totally into the Bangles these days, especially their 1988 CD Everything. I'm not sure what prompted it, but there it is. I always friggin' hated "In Your Room" and "Eternal Flame" but there are some great songs on that record. I'm thinking specifically of "Make A Play For Her Now." Yet another pop song in a minor key and I go all melty. Sometimes, I'm just too easy.

And I say that like it's a bad thing.


Heidi Cullinan said...

I like it when you're easy.

xolondon said...

This post is actually loaded with double entendres if you look closely...

Bangles - I always like Michael best, so Glitter Years is my song from that one.

As for you hair, I hear they send curly haired people to safehouses so they won't be taunted. Anyway, this reminds me of Rupaul: "Fried, dyed, laid to the side."