Friday, May 23, 2008

Because I'm sick, a blog roundup

In the place of a real blog post (I have been sick and also am working like no other), I decided this morning that I would present a "best of blogs" that so many of my buddies do on theirs. And since imitation is the sincerest form of flattery (I guess), here we go.

D'Luv has an fantastic post on Madge's "I'll Remember." God, I love that song. It's like what "This Used To Be My Playground" would be if it were, well, good.

Donna Summer's first new studio album in 17 years was out on Tuesday. I defected from iTunes to Amazon mp3 to buy it. I have to admit, it's XO's stunning review of Crayons that pushed me over the edge and prompted me to purchase it. A music review that puts things in historical context? Perfect.

Matt questions the basic biology behind the parentage of Freddy Krueger. Oddly enough, I kind of thought the same thing as well.

Yuri gives us a preview of Kylie's upcoming X tour. I sure wish she would tour America, but with Madonna and Cher concerts in my future in the next 365 days (not sure about Cher yet, but 99%), I don't know that I could do it. Too many divas, not enough time (or money!)

Paul dedicates an entire blog post to Cathy "Cathedral" Dennis! I have not listened to Cathy Dennis in ages, although didn't she co-write Kylie's "Can't Get You Out Of My Head"? I always loved "Just Another Dream" - did Rick Astley sing on that or was it just my imagination?

And last but certainly not least, TKT doesn't have much good to say (or much to say at all) about the new Indiana Jones movie.

Off to work. Naturally, I was sick on my day off and am well enough to go to work the next day. As Yuri would say, SUCKAGE!


D'luv said...

Rick did not sing on "Just Another Dream," though that was a highly-spread urban legend at the time. Thanks for the props for the Madge post. It's definitely my fave song from that broad.

D'luv said...

BTW, it's Dancin' Danny D from D'Mob singing the part you're thinking on JAD.

Myfizzypop said...

sorry you were ill :( And uh, sorry you are better?!

Yuяi said...

I have totally defected to Amazon too! 256Kpbs on all tracks is soo much bettah. Now, who will be the first to go to 320kpbs, Amazon or iTunes? That's what I want, 320 on everything.

I thought it was Rick on the track too. I wonder if Dancin' Danny also sang for the Pet Shop Boys live? I snagged a mp3 from a live show in Scotland back in '00 or '03 and you'd swear Rick Astley was singing backup on Always on My Mind.

D'luv said...

I saw them on both of those tours, and I think you're thinking of the '00 Nightlife tour, Jason... they had a very portly, soulful guys singing. Twas not rick or Danny, though :)