Tuesday, May 06, 2008

A mini deluge

So I'm sitting at my desk tonight, having just gotten off the phone with TKT (of Tappity Tappity fame) as we are going to meet up in Minneapolis tomorrow prior to the Dolly extravaganza and I notice a wet spot on the rug.

Hmmm...I think. I wonder what that's from.

As it turns out, we're having a mini repeat of an incident from a few years back. It is raining to beat the band out there tonight, and there's a drain outside the basement door that leads into my office. I even cleaned the leaves off the drain the other day (thank God I did that!) but even then, the drain can't keep up with the water. So there's water coming in under the door. It is nowhere near as bad as the last time, and let's just say that I am SO glad that I was sitting down there to catch it early.

I checked it just a little bit ago, and it seems as if the flow of water seems to be abating just a bit. This is good. I'm not in the mood to babysit it all night long! More rain is on the way and I'm starting to think that we're in for The Day After Tomorrow after all!


Yuяi said...

Glad you were not swept away *see what I did there* with all that water!

Hope you guys have a blast at the Dolly show! I'm sure we'll read your ace review before too long. :)

Myfizzypop said...

my mind SO went to a totally different place when you said there was a wet spot on the rug :P How rude!!

Enjoy la dollster!

xolondon said...

Houses are fun, but good gravy Marie can they be a pain!