Thursday, May 01, 2008

The star of the show

There was a point in the late 70s where every artist had to try on their disco shoes. For some, this was very successful. For others, not so much. Dolly Parton's take on disco? Well, I can't decide if it's a train wreck or just the most perfect example of camp that exists. I have to say that most of that late 70s/early 80s pop crossover stuff has not aged very well, probably because she was primarily recording other people's songs. But every now and again, you get something that, while it will certainly not be spoken of in the same breath as Mozart or anything, is just fall down hilarious.

Exhibit A is "Star of the Show"

Seriously, what was she thinking?

Although you know I am secretly hoping for it at the concert. This will almost without a doubt not happen. Hell, I would settle for "Potential New Boyfriend." Why that song has not been given the remix treatment is completely beyond me.

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