Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Jabba interruptus

My dad brought over another finished shelf for my office today since the one I have is nearly full. This got me to thinking that I really need to try to assemble all the pieces of my 1983 Jabba the Hutt playset and put Jabba in his rightful place. Unfortunately, this is what Jabba looks like.

Yep, he's missing his left arm. I have looked all over for it. I even went through boxes of toys at my folks' house on a hunt for the arm to no avail. Apart from that, he's pretty complete, although I think I am missing the pipe that he smoked or whatever. But I have the base he sits on and the little Salacious Crumb or whatever his name was (not that you got that from the movie.)

I thought, well, maybe I can get a Jabba off of eBay for cheap that is incomplete but has the arm I am looking for. I went searching eBay and found a fair number of Jabbas. Some were complete and rather expensive. Some were not as complete and the price was lower.

Then I found this one. Starting bid is $9.99. Plus 8 bucks shipping or something like that. For your (at least) 18 dollars, this is what you get.

It's a bargain though. All you're missing is, well, JABBA'S ENTIRE BODY!

Funny thing though, it has the arm I'm missing on mine.

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Anonymous said...

yea...i dont feel bad that your jabba doesn't have an arm. If your going to throw the boot of your younger brothers superman doll out the truck window, then you deserve this you jerk. Karma baby..Karma.