Monday, April 07, 2008

4 Minutes, now with visuals

While in New York, the "4 Minutes" video premiered and became available for sale. Madonna is one of the quintessential video artists, taking music video in directions all her own. Some of the best videos of the 80s and 90s are Madonna's, so her videos are usually met with very high expectations by fans.

Recently, I feel like her heart has not been in the video-making aspect of her career. All of the videos from Confessions On A Dance Floor were uninspired and mediocre at best, God awful at worst. But take heart, old school Madge fans, the Queen has returned to reclaim her throne.

This video may not be there for long, so if you click on it and it's gone, just go search YouTube.

Madge looks FANTASTIC in this. Yes, she's been airbrushed and the cosmetic cheekbones are helping, but she looks like she actually gives a shit about making this video. I am still in love with her boots! I also love how she walks down off that car and onto the table. As Jeff said to me yesterday, could you imagine eating your tuna casserole and having Madonna step down on to your table??

There is not enough dancing in it, although I particularly love the "Nobody Knows Me" Re-Invention Tour moment at about the 2:18 mark. I think that Madonna's dancing is the thing that gets the most lost in image and hair color, etc. that people seems to focus on. On her tours, I am always amazed and astounded at her dancing ability.

So it's a good kick-off video. I still don't like Timbaland in it (mostly because it's not my kind of music really) but Madonna is H.O.T.

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Adem With An E said...

Agreed on the Nobody Knows Me reference; VERY much so, isn't it?

I do love this clip though and, "Hung Up" excluded (I still think it's one of her better video clips), agree with you on the COADF clips. I still liked them and thought they were fabulous eye-candy, but she DID come across a little nonplussed sometimes in them. Ironic, seeing as the Confessions Tour, I think, saw her at her most energetic and refreshed musically in a long time.