Sunday, April 27, 2008

It's curtains for me

You know, we really don't use the phrase "It's curtains for you!" as much as we should. Perhaps I should try to single-handedly revive its popular use. Or not. Maybe it's just too dramatic for widespread use. Yet the word "salve" lives on. It's a cruel world.

Anyway, it really WAS curtains for me today, in the very literal sense. Heidi, being the most incredible and wonderful wife and partner one could possibly have went out with me today and we bought fabric at JoAnn Fabrics (where my eyes predictably glazed over after 45 seconds) for curtains for my office. The fabric was upholstery fabric at only $3.50 a yard! Then we headed to Lowe's and spent a bit more on the curtain rods and other such stuff. But the results were worth it.

Total bill right around a hundred bucks. Isn't she awesome? They look great and now I don't feel like I'm on display when I'm down here in the basement. Not that I really did before because it IS the basement after all, but still.

And that couch? It used to be in our family room prior to the great room remodel of Aught Eight. Then it ended up on the porch which made me feel very trashy. Heidi and I were finally able to haul it to the garage last week sometime and then my friend Ryan came over and helped us maneuver it into the basement.

So now I have a true den, as Darren Hayes would say, covered in darkness, covered in darkness.


Anonymous said...

God, when I see the photos I really think those hems are crooked! Sigh. For another day.

Myfizzypop said...

Hahahahaha poor Heidi judging her own mighty handiwork! I look forward to drawing the curtains and crashing out on your couch whenever you invite me to stay :)

Anonymous said...

You do indeed have a lovely wife, Dan.

The covered in darkness part makes me feel...depressed :( But, not when I listen to the "Behind the Darkness" remixed version by the Depeche Mode-obsessed Robert Conley. YUM!


Seems I come out of lurkdom whenever Darren Hayes is mentioned. Hmm...why is that? :-P

xolondon said...

Crafty fox! Or wait? Isn't that sly fox? Whatever. Crafty!