Sunday, April 06, 2008

Back from the Big Apple

We are back and all in one piece. NYC was a great time, but we are very happy to be back in Iowa and in our own beds. None of the cats expired in our absence which is a good thing. The cat litter most definitely needed scooping (I just can't bring myself to ask someone else to scoop our cat boxes.) We flew direct from LaGuardia in New York to Des Moines today, something for which we were very happy today as we were all weary and eager to be home.

We had a great time. I got to experience the city. I dipped my feet in the Atlantic Ocean at Coney Island. We got on mutiple wrong subway trains but never got mugged. There was an exceptionally tense moment when Heidi spilled half of a cup of tea into the MacBook. However, once it dried out , we powered it up today and it ran like a champ. YAY Macs! I am still in shock that it was not fried. A PC laptop would not be functioning in any way or form after abuse like that.

If I had to do it all again, I wouldn't change a single thing--as a wise person once said. Kylie, I think.

More details to come, once I recover.


Adem With An E said...

I love that MAC's are just clearly more superior to any kind of machinery the PC can offer. I can't imagine my life without one now.

Good to hear you're all home safe and much fun was had :)

Myfizzypop said...

what's a mac? :P

new york. Kylie references. You having a great time. Music to my ears

genkiboy said...

hey, that's a kylie reference within a doctor who reference! speaking of, i'm psyched for the start of series 4 on scifi channel next week -- have you guys already seen it? first up the doctor meets kylie on the titanic. think he'll know it's her? :)

glad you liked nyc -- i love that place.

Dan said...

We have seen the Doctor meets Kylie which was the Christmas special at the end of last year, but the fourth series just started up on the BBC last weekend. I downloaded a torrent of it, but have yet to watch it. I'm glad to see that they're finally getting smart and playing them nearly concurrently in the States.

We did love NYC, especially me. I miss it some today.