Tuesday, January 13, 2009

GH us

It has taken months and months of watching me play (and also the addition of drums) but Anna is totally sold on Guitar Hero right now. There's a two hour late start for school this morning and instead of watching PBS Kids or the Netflix box, I hear her in there playing Guitar Hero ("Barracuda" to be precise.)

One of the new features of Guitar Hero: World Tour is the ability to make your own rocker. This was too tempting to resist. Both Anna and I have made reasonable approximations of ourselves - or rather, what we would want to look like as rockers.

Here's Anna - looking kind of like a Barbie if you ask me.

And here's me, if I were actually a rocker with bulky muscles and abs of steel. You can't really tell, but the guy is actually wearing glasses. He's a pretty cool dude, even though I have a mermaid tattoo (Anna's request.)

Yes, the picture quality is terrible. You try taking a picture of the TV screen and see how well it comes out.

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Yuяi said...

I think that's so awesome that Anna loves Guitar Hero! And the "rocker approximations" are great too! If it were only as easy as pressing a few buttons to have abs of steel...