Friday, January 30, 2009

A full-on chemical reaction

The video for Annie Lennox's "Shining Light" is out - and it's a keeper.

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What I love most about it is how it hearkens back to the "Little Bird" video - with all the different Annie's, but instead this time, they are kind of in the vein of the Robert Palmer girls.

I love Annie Lennox, and unlike Matthew Rettenmund, I actually quite prefer her solo career to many things that she did with Eurythmics. I mean, Diva provided a large part of the soundtrack for the winter of 92/spring 93. My only trouble with her and this new release is that the new songs on the album are both covers. Someone who is such a natural songwriter really doesn't need to do covers! But one really can't quibble when she gave us one of the strongest albums of 2007 (with nary a cover present on that record) and continues to be such a class act.

Edit: Changed the title of the post - I could have sworn that's what she was singing!


Anonymous said...


Elvis lives!

Or, is that Dynagirl?

Deidre Hall would be pleased by the tribute.

John said...

It feels more Go Go's than Robert Palmer to me, but yeah, I can see that, too. The song wasn't as immediate for me as it was for others, but it's growing on me.

xolondon said...

I want remixes of this song!