Friday, January 23, 2009

Turn the kitchen light off: A rebuttal

Heidi wrote a post that made me laugh hysterically when I got home from work today. I was the source of the post, but the bottom line is that embedded in Heidi's post is the YouTube video of "Let's Go To The Movies" from the 1982 film version of the musical Annie. My favorite part in the whole song is when Albert Finney as Oliver Warbucks warbles "Turn the kitchen light off!" as they all pile into the car (and of course, the light goes off in the background.) Here it is in case you don't want to navigate over to Heidi's blog. The money shot is at 1:58.

What Heidi didn't tell you is that one of my favorite stories from our time together is when I had just gotten done working an overnight shift and as is my usual, made a beeline for the bed. She had not gotten up yet and crawled over next to me. For whatever reason, I had turned on the light on my bedside table and, as I was drifting off to sleep, I hear from behind me, you guessed it...

"Turn the kitchen light off!"

Hysterical laughing ensued.

Lest you think that is the only Annie reference we have, there is also the time when we were in New York and we had written down some addresses or something prior to going out that day. Giving me the paper, Heidi says to me "Put it in your pocket, Mrs. Mudge." - referring, of course, to what Albert Finney says to Bernadette Peters when, posing as Annie's dead mother, she tries to refuse the 50,000 smackers. It caught me so off guard and struck me as so funny and perfect, I have never loved her more than at that moment. (I can't really say what I was really thinking as I do have some degree of modesty and propreity but you can fill in the blanks.)

Undoubtedly, we were meant for each other.

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