Monday, January 26, 2009

This is not a love song

A lazy blog post, I know, but I CANNOT get this song out of my head.

"Bye Bye Baby" is one of my favorite songs from Erotica, and while not technically an album track (it did get a single release overseas), one of my favorite Madonna album tracks as well. It transports me instantly back to the time I first heard it - that's what the best music does.

It would also behoove me to rewatch The Girlie Show sometime. It has been an age since I have seen it. I still remember watching the taped HBO broadcast of it in Jeff's basement. In the days before the internet, the entire show was a surprise!


Anonymous said...

This is my fault, isn't it. See, I think I didn't remember because while I knew the lyrics, I had to google to get the song.

Dan said...

Yes, it is your fault, but it's all good! There are a lot worse songs you could have planted in my brain!