Friday, July 17, 2009

But I've a feeling it's time to try

On our way back from Minneapolis this morning, Heidi and I were listening to Rumours, the actual CD of which has found its way into the car so it's been getting more frequent than usual airplay. Anyway, while I was listening to it, I got to thinking that if I had one wish regarding Fleetwood Mac, it would be that Christine McVie could be coaxed out of retirement for one last album. Hell, they don't even have to tour, just one more album with that lineup. 12 songs, 4 each. Make them good because it's all you get. It would certainly beat the heck out of yet another greatest hits album.

As good as Say You Will was, it always felt like it was a collision of a Lindsey solo album and a Stevie solo album. With a few Christine songs (and shortened to about 12 songs) it could have been classic.

(Christine looks 20 years younger in that photo because it has been - rather unbelievably - 20 years since the "Seven Wonders" video!)


inkgrrl said...

I love that album! Heart and Boston are great road music too. Glad you had fun!

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more! I thought adding some songs from Christine's last solo album to "Say You Will" would work but alas it does not...

xolondon said...

Well said, though I might have given them 14 songs? Like a geek I am cutting and pasting the songs I would keep before adding McVie..

"What's the World Coming To"
"Thrown Down"
"Red Rover"
"Say You Will"
"Steal Your Heart Away"
"Bleed to Love Her"
"Everybody Finds Out"
"Say Goodbye"
"Goodbye Baby"