Thursday, July 02, 2009

Sticky & sweet and in your living room

The Sticky & Sweet Tour DVD must be getting damn close, because here's the trailer (via)

While I think it does a better job at capturing the "live" feel of the concert than the DVD of the Confessions Tour did, the apparent amount of autotune or rerecorded live vocals in these 3 minutes alone is astounding. I have listened to audience recordings of the show and there is not a single one in which "She's Not Me" is listenable. And I will tell you this, that "Candy Shop" never sounded that flawless, even at the show I attended, and I found her to be in pretty top vocal form that night. I have always maintained that appreciation of Madonna's live vocal separates the men from the boys as far as Madonna fans go, but there are times she is so bad live that even I can't take it. I mean, seriously, listen to this! And she really can sing it, because here it is at the beginning of the tour. Even though she is still flat as hell on the "I always get my maaaaan" part, there is no doubt that she was vocally destroyed by the end of Blond Ambition.

Oh well, at least we're getting the tour on DVD. I still think it's a crime that Re-Invention never got a proper DVD release. She looked so good on that tour, and the set list truly is the best of all the ones I have seen. As I was discussing with someone the other night, she is just looking so harsh and muscular these days. I miss the softness and the curves of Re-Invention and Confessions.

The tour re-kicks off again in Europe this weekend and the Buenos Aires show is being broadcast in the UK on SKY 1. At least we'll finally get a good quality recording of the tour, even if it is a bit less than live.


Myfizzypop said...

and how moronic of Sky One putting it on the saturday night of London Pride so most people will be out! Still that is what sky plus (tivo) is for!!!

Yuяi said...

Man o'man, how true about "Sooner or Later"! The Barcelona one is unlistenable, while the Yokohoma one is very crisp. I'm looking forward to the DVD. (As you well know) It's my "re-introduction" back into seeing Madonna live. Good times!