Saturday, July 25, 2009

We're gonna need a special locker for the hat

I have never seen this picture of Cher before! It was on her artist page this morning.

If anyone knows the origin of this photo, I will be forever in your debt (my hunch is that it is from around 2001, but Cher has had red hair off and on for the last 20 years, so who knows.)

I was talking with a friend last night and I can't even remember how Cher came up. It shouldn't surprise me though because conversation with my friend is very easy and stream-of-consciousness. Anyway, in this conversation, I was reminded of my favorite Cher quote. She famously said, when referring to Madonna, "she could afford to be a little more magnanimous and a little less of a cunt." As has been pointed out by other bloggers, at the time Cher said that, Madonna probably deserved it. I would pay cold hard cash to find a YouTube clip of it, but I'm not even sure it was in a TV interview.

*sigh* At least we have the hat.

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Adem With An E said...

At least we have the hat. Brilliant!

I saw that quote actually in that Madonna Style book I think it was? Always loved it, spot on about her deserving it at the time too.