Thursday, July 23, 2009

Death is her boyfriend

I'm feeling lazy tonight and wanting to do another blog post and I already talked a little bit about this video over on Facebook where it is likely to be seen by a lot more people. I didn't want to repeat it here, but fuck it, I'm doing it anyway.

I really am loving this song right now. (Bess & Matt - had the CD been just a week later, this would have made the cut.) It is M83's "Graveyard Girl."

This group, from all I have read, is part of the genre referred to as shoegaze, or perhaps it's better referred to as "nu-gaze" as this song came out in 2008, and really, shoegaze peaked around 1991-1993. Anyway, I love this song because of the images it evokes in my head. I couldn't even begin to put them down into words, for immediately it would not be what I am thinking and would just be a hollow shell of what the experience of listening to this song for me is. I love the retro sound of it - funny how it can have such a retro sound and be so recent. It reminds me of everything that was right about music in the mid-80s, even though I was too busy listening to Olivia Newton-John to notice.

Heidi bought me this album on iTunes on a whim and it has been just perfect for me this last week. It is not my usual fare of pop idiocy, nor is it super-serious-now-is-the-time-on-Sprockets-when-we-think either. It is blessedly in between, which is kind of where my brain is these days - somewhere between heavily introverted and mildly extoverted. Anyway, I am loving it and it just goes to show that the inimitable Mrs. C. is always right on target.

Now I must sleep. 5:30 AM will come waaaaay too soon.

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