Monday, July 20, 2009


I made the mistake of listening to this song the other morning. It has now been stuck in my head for over 24 hours.

I have written about all there is to write about Jo Dee Messina before. Liking her music is kind of indefensible, but there are so many country songs that I like more than I probably should that I have given up trying to defend them. This is one of them. What I will say here is that this song is a product of the time when the line between country and pop was so blurred that I strayed over to country for some times. Probably from the period from about 1993-1999, I liked quite a few country acts outside of the omnipresent Dolly Parton. Many of them persist in my listening habits today, but nowhere near the level they did then.

I also really like this video, even though it is simple and basically is just Jo Dee hamming it up for the camera. There is something mildly trashy about it. As one of the commenters on the (non-embeddable) YouTube version of this video said, there is something kinda Sarah Palin about her, and I can't believe they meant that as a compliment!

Oddly enough, I can't figure out how this song fits into my overall musical taste. It doesn't have much in common with most anything I listen to, apart from being kind of cheesy and campy, but it is what it is.


John said...

It actually makes more sense to me. This is not that far removed from "I Feel Lucky", ya know?

Dan said...

That's true, but it is infinitely more defensible to like MCC's music than it is Jo Dee Messina's.

I also like how curvy she is in that video. I am not a fan of stick insects!!

xolondon said...

I was so worried it was going to be "We are nawt wot you think we ahh, we ahhh GGolllllden."!