Monday, July 13, 2009

The lunchbox chronicles

In an attempt to both save money and eat better, I have been trying to take my own lunch to work as much as is humanly possible. I have had mixed results with this - mostly my rate of success is directly proportional to the lateness of my shift - but overall it's been going well. I have had this green lunch bag for years that I've used off and on but it has seriously seen better days. The inside is ripped and it takes 10 years to dry after you wash it because water gets into the rips. I had been using Wal-Mart and Target bags for my lunch and when we ran out of those, I went to simple brown bags. Boring, but they get the job done.

A couple weeks ago, Heidi was out at Target and I don't know what possessed her but she bought me a lunch box. It was one of those "okay-if-you-don't-like-it-you-don't-have-to-keep-it" moments. It was a Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen lunch box. I honestly thought about it for a while, but ultimately decided that I couldn't do it, mostly because the movie has been so horrendously reviewed and even I wasn't that much of a 12-year-old boy - or at least my 12-year-old boy had better taste than that.

So we took it back. I looked around at lunch boxes that night but couldn't find anything that I liked. I will admit a part of me did not want to buy one of the stupid plain lunch bags. I was looking for something a little bit cool, which, not surprisingly, I did not find at Target.

We got home that night and not a half an hour later, Heidi tells me not to buy a lunch box because she found me one and it is shipping soon. Her comment was "if you can't carry this lunch box with pride, I'll have to wonder if you're still you." This intrigued me and although she bombed out with the Transformers, I still trusted her enough to know what she was doing.

It arrived today, from Entertainment Earth (the source of both the Cher Turn Back Time doll and Anna's Coraline lunchbox). And you know what, she was right. Here it is:

If that is not the coolest lunch box ever, I have no idea where you'll find it (oh, except for maybe here, but at $99.99, no freaking way.) I absolutely love those eggs at the bottom, and the back is the image on the thermos. Perfection.

I will use it with pride, knowing that I have the best wife EVER. Yes, people will give me shit, but only because they secretly want to be as cool as me. Or as uncool as me. Or whatever. But as they say about Madonna, often imitated, never duplicated.

Thanks Heidi - you're the best. I would not trade you for anything. Not even that Night of the Living Dead lunchbox.


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Matt said...

That lunch box kicks ass, no doubt about it.

I'm now re-thinking my plain lunch bag thingy from Target.

I want the Pac-Man lunch box I had in elementary school!

mary35 said...

I was using a Victoria's Secret bag for awhile because I had no other bags to use, and I didn't want to buy one. What stopped me was someone asking me if I was having a thong for lunch.