Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Aspirations in the clouds

Sleep is an elusive beast for me. I'm sleeping, yes, but for the last two nights I have not been able to get even anywhere close to sleep without help from pharmaceuticals, which is not the direction I like to be heading. It may sound like a backhanded compliment (and it probably is) but Ativan combined with the new Moby CD is really the only thing putting me to sleep at night these days.

It is a circle of being so tired I can't engage and then unable to sleep so that when I wake up the next morning, the cycle begins anew. I was telling Heidi last night that what I would love more than life itself would be to be able to be at home at night after work and not be so exhausted that I can't really be mentally present. But to do that, I have to find the root of my exhaustion, which is no small feat. But there is no alternative but to try.

OK, must get to work, but to balance out my general crank, let's watch Evan Cowden's remake of Howard Jones' "No One Is To Blame." First viewed at The Garden during Heidi's birthday celebration a couple years back, it was a video that prompted Heidi to utter the immortal words "If he is not gay, I will gladly eat my hat." I (naturally) had to go download it from iTunes the day after hearing it.


John said...

I REALLY wanted to like this, but I can't bring myself to do it. There's something about a cover where the singer doesn't convey the emotion of the original while working with a dance beat that sounds like nails on a chalkboard to me.

Hope things are okay, and that sleep comes more naturally in the next few days.

Anonymous said...

I remember this video! I especially remember it because of his facial expressions. Dramatic singer is dramatic.

And you know me, I have a hard time with songs that don't actually begin until 2 minutes into the thing. That's why I like the Beyonce Greenlight remix so well. It doesn't sit there thumping at me for two minutes before it starts. :)

mary35 said...

I loved this song. I have played it over and over on the CD you gave me.

xolondon said...

Hey it's not as bad as that gay porn star doing Losing My Religion!