Tuesday, July 06, 2010

It's called the Disco Maureen

I have been listening to WAY too much Maureen McGovern this morning. For most, any Maureen McGovern would be too much. I have only 3 songs of hers in my iTunes library and all of them are from either a movie or a TV show. Was she the precursor to Kenny Loggins? The world may never know. Anyway, my favorite of the songs I have is "Different Worlds" which served as the theme song to the 70s TV show Angie. I remember virtually nothing about the show, but I always loved the theme song. Here's the opening credits, just for shits and giggles. I especially love the "Love Boat"-ish way that the stars of the show are introduced, something that was ditched by the beginning of the abbreviated second season.

This song was actually a hit for McGovern in 1979, in a discofied version. I remember it being on a K-Tel 8-track that my folks had and I was forever trying to get to the spot on another program such that I could bump back to program 1 and listen to it. I don't remember how I came to have the mp3 (probably Napster, sorry folks), but you can now legally purchase it on iTunes. At 2:18, it always seemed too short to me, but then I came across the extended version on YouTube this morning. I'm not sure if it's legit as it sounds a bit amateurish, but still, it doubled the song's play time.

I'm always bugging Casey Stratton to record the theme from Maude for me (he just has to keep the funky 70s organ in there), but now I think I've found another for the 70s TV theme song covers project. Between these two and the theme from Alice, I think we're on to something.


Heidi Cullinan said...

Posting because it will make you laugh: I read this and thought, "The girl from Brady Bunch?"

(I know. McCormick. But admit it. You laughed.)

Dan said...

I fucking love you.

John said...

I completely forgot this song, but I love it all over again. The remix was kind of lame, but I understand the desire to extend the joy. I love the key change at the end. Viva 70s disco pop.

Tv Show said...

Dan haha nice aricle.. but the video is not working..

Dan said...

John - key changes are, after bridges, the best part of any song. And yeah, that remix was kind of lame. It was as if they stitched the song to itself and basically played it twice.

Tv Show - the video works from my browser.