Monday, October 25, 2010

Frequent fliers

It's been a while since I've done an iPod data post. They are probably only interesting to me, but what the hell.

Top 25 Most Played Songs on my iPod (as of today)

1) I Put My Ring Back On / Mary Chapin Carpenter (63 plays)
2) Get Outta My Way / Kylie Minogue (41 plays)
3) Hormones / Tracey Thorn (37 plays)
4) It's Here / Kim Wilde (35 plays)
5) The Way I Feel / Mary Chapin Carpenter (30 plays)
6) Put Your Hands Up (If You Feel Love) / Kylie Minogue (29 plays)
7) Ain't No Son / Court Yard Hounds (27 plays)
8) Broken / Madonna (26 plays)
9) Oh No! / Marina & the Diamonds (26 plays)
10) Dear Anne Sexton / Vanessa Daou (26 plays)
11) The Age of Miracles / Mary Chapin Carpenter (25 plays)
12) Aphrodite / Kylie Minogue (24 plays)
13) Be My Lover / La Bouche (24 plays)
14) San Antonio Rose / Patsy Cline (23 plays)
15) Wheel Of Fortune (2009 Remix) / Ace of Base (22 plays)
16) Go Hard or Go Home / Kylie Minogue (22 plays)
17) I Was A Bird / Mary Chapin Carpenter (22 plays)
18) I Wanna Life / Goldfrapp (20 plays)
19) Better Than Love / Hurts (20 plays)
20) Something About You / Cary Brothers (19 plays)
21) Telephone / Lady Gaga & Beyonce (19 plays)
22) Naked to the Eye / Mary Chapin Carpenter (19 plays)
23) Heard It On The Radio / The Bird & The Bee (18 plays)
24) On Her Mind / Duncan Sheik (18 plays)
25) Free Man In Paris / Joni Mitchell (18 plays)

I just reset my iTunes play counts in April - right before the new Mary Chapin Carpenter album came out which is why it is so well represented there. It got off to an early head start and still holds the number one slot, although Kylie is coming up fast and furious. It also explains the relatively low play counts on this list. That's also because there's just so much music in my library it really takes a lot for something to get repeated and multiple plays.

It'll be interesting to see where this is in 6 months.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Have you heard new Kim Wilde album "Come out & Play" if you'll listen to her new songs "Lights down low" and Kim's "Get Out" it makes Kylie's Aphrodite for Kids.

mary35 said...

Hurrah for La Bouche!

Dan said...

Heidi - I still can't get over how little overlap we have even 15 years after I met you!

Anon - I have Kim Wilde's new one and while I don't think it's as good as her late 80s/early 90s stuff, it's more than capable.

Mary - La Bouche FOREVER!