Sunday, December 12, 2010

Gone before it happens

This is usually the kind of thing I would throw up on Facebook with a one sentence commentary. I was on my way back from Ankeny tonight after finally watching the season finale of The Walking Dead. I had my iPod shuffling random Madonna songs. The first thing I will note is that it picked a hell of a lot of live shit. Do I really have that much live Madonna on my iPod? I didn't really think so...I only have one copy of each tour on there, something you can't say for my iTunes library with its five Blond Ambitions and two Girlie Shows and three Confessions Tours and 6 Re-Invention Tours. But one song that played was "Gone" which I have not heard in forever.

"Gone" is one of those songs that I always forget about, but it's right up there with "Nothing Fails" when I think of songs to counter the argument that Madonna "can't sing." No, she is no Sarah Brightman, but what she lacks in range she makes up for in heart. Sadly, it's that heart that's missing from most of her latest music. I'm hoping that she finds it again when she comes back with her new album whenever that may be.

Even though Jeff hates it (it is the last song on a Madonna album after all), I do kind of have a soft spot for it (and its sister song "I Deserve It") She even did it justice on the Drowned World Tour.

How I miss those (relatively) unaltered vocals.

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