Saturday, December 11, 2010

Vinyl trim

Those of you who have been to our house know that in my office, I have a border of vinyl around part of the room. I love old album art and really kind of miss it nowadays. Anyway, there's always been a big blank section which has never been filled despite getting vinyl from people every time I turn around. Co-workers bring it to me, I get it for Christmas, my birthday, you name it. Well, today as we cleaned the house for the annual Very Tina Christmas next weekend (yes, that's a Mommie Dearest reference.) As part of that, Heidi helped me clean up my office and I decided to finally finish hanging up all the vinyl I had never gotten around to putting up.

Warning: my guilty pleasures are on full display here. Like that's ever stopped me before. I'll post the pictures in order as you go around the room. (Play along: Do we share any favorite albums and what else can you spot in these photos?)

Is it kitschy? Probably more than a little. But wow, is it ever Dan. Heidi asked me if when I walk in my office, I feel like it's "me" and yeah, I do. Almost all of these, from the Madonna and Stevie ones to the Linda Ronstadt and Helen Reddy ones that were given to me as a joke, have a story in my life. Fun times, sad times, but nothing I really ever want to forget.


Dwayne said...

Wow. Get out of my head!
I have every one of these albums, minus the 1 St Etienne, and any Madonna album after Like a Prayer. She lost me when she went from playful sexy to porno sexy.
Come on put up you Sheena Easton records. You know you want to.
I wish I had a special room to do this with. Very nice.

Dan said...

Ha - the only Sheena Easton albums I have (The Lover In Me and some hits collection) I have on CD.

I could find neither my Xanadu album nor my She's So Unusual album. Otherwise, a couple of those that made the cut would not have.

V said...

we only share one - the Eurythmic's "Savage" I love that cover.

I'd like to see what other action figures you have going.