Sunday, April 29, 2007

I think a change'll do you good

I'm taking Sheryl Crow's advice to heart and I decided to completely give this blog a makeover. I was exceptionally tired of the same old Blogger templates, and I'd been inspired by some of the other ones that I'd seen but didn't want to blatantly rip them (XO) off either. I finally settled on this one, although I'm not very satisfied with the banner yet. In a previous incarnation, it was much busier with more pictures, but then I just settled on the Blue Marble for now. I may add more pictures later, but for now, it'll just have to do as this little bit of tinkering has seriously pushed me to the boundaries of my HTML abilities. However, it beats the heck out of the original picture that was there - E.T. flying across the moon. (Turn on your heartlight!)


xolondon said...

It's not a rip on mine at all! It looks good - the post exit looks so clean and ordered in this template!

Yuяi said...

I likey, I likey! Looks very clean and crisp!