Thursday, April 26, 2007


It is late. Well, it is because I work at 7 tomorrow. And usually, I'd be thrilled by this, but tonight, I'd rather just stay up but time is ticking and I simply must be in bed soon if I'm going to get up in time to get to work tomorrow. Each day this week, I've been getting up a little bit later so I'm actually a bit nervous about whether or not I will get up in time for work tomorrow. I cut it pretty close this morning - got up at 5 till 6 and had to leave by 6:30. Fortunately, I pretty up in a hurry and I made it out the door at 6:36AM.

Things are all amok these days - I'm not sure how, but they are. The universe is off kilter - at work, at home and in the world at large. Life seems an eternal cycle of birth, school, work, death. I went to Best Buy with 15 dollars in gift card + Rewards certificates to spend and couldn't find one single solitary thing to buy. I almost bought CD-Rs as we are in desperate need of them, but that seemed like such a non-fun way to spend gift money. So I didn't buy anything, although I seriously pondered some new headphones because they were all snazzy but ultimately, I decided against them because I just couldn't imagine how I would look with BLUE headpones. I mean, seriously!

I've pushed my luck as far as I dare tonight - I'm off to bed.


xolondon said...

Weekend cannot come too soon. I spent last night kind of drunk, so I crashed at 9 pm!

Summer has been delayed here by weird weather and I am compelled to quote Withnail And I again:

"We are indeed, drifting into the arena of the unwell."

Yuяi said...

Yeah, the universe is not right when you can't find anything to spend your gift money on at Best Buy! Hope things return to normal real quick!

Anonymous said...

I sometimes swear there's some sort of cosmic foiler determined to torment shoppers. When you're broke, you'll easily find 10 things you want. When you have money to spend - nothing. The foiler just sits in his chair on high and laughs. Unfair!

Hope you find something worthy soon. :)