Monday, April 09, 2007

To move or not to move

I've been dinking around on Wordpress tonight when I had every intention of going upstairs and watching Saw III. I've gone and set up a domain name and am seriously contemplating moving my blog over there. I've contemplated abandoning Blogger in the past for something sexier, but in every single instance, I've kept the Blogger blog going. The biggest hurdle on all the previous flirtations has been the inability (at least by me) to import my Blogger blog - comments and all - to the new site. However, Wordpress is promising me that it can do just that, which I'll admit, has me very intrigued.

I suppose that ultimately, I could just leave the Blogger blog on it's own site and post one last entry to the Wordpress one, but then there's just one more dead blog out there in the blogosphere. And believe me, I've written way too much to just delete the damn thing. It may not mean shit to the vast majority of the world out there, but all those words mean a lot to me, because it represents a creative effort on my part. Sometimes I'm more successful than others, but I will go back through the archives every now and then and it's like a time capsule. Like I said, maybe not interesting to anyone else, but for me, I'm rather proud of it. Someone told me once when I first decided I was going to do a blog that they'd be interested to see how I did as I would likely not stick with it. Nearly 4 years later, I'm still here - with quite a few more people reading this insanity than I ever thought would.

So who knows what I'll do - anyone reading who has input, I'm all ears. I have to admit, though, that the seeming lack of ability to edit html is a big drawback. I mean, how am I going to put in my musical quilt?

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Yuяi said...

You've got a lot invested here, so this is not a light decision.

I have often wanted to do more with my blog, like do a "continue reading after the 'jump'" and such like that, which you can do on wordpress (at least I think you can), but I don't think I could give up my html functionality. I love my lastfm quilt and song list and all the other junk I put on my blog.

Plus I sorta like the "community" that I've found with blogger. I don't plan on switching anytime soon, but that's me.

So I guess my vote is to stay where you are at. :) Sure wordpress promises to keep your comments and such, but what if they can't deliver? I guess you could always come back... I dunno..