Friday, April 06, 2007

Little Miss Literal

OK, so today, we're driving back from a friend's house - we hadn't even intended to go there, as I was not even showered and was, honestly, still in my pajamas although I had thrown on a fleece and shoes. We're listening to Crystal Visions in the car, and "Stop Draggin' My Heart Around" comes on. Anna and I had been listening to that song in the car the other day and she was all "why is he dragging her heart around?? Yuck!!" I proceeded to explain to her that it wasn't a REAL heart, she was telling him to be nicer to her and not treat her mean. I mean, really, how do you explain the concept of Sid & Nancy kind of love to a 5-year old?

Well, today, when it came on, she instantly recognized it and started singing along to it a little bit. Since it is in my job description as a parent to tease my daughter, I asked her if she was going to drag a heart around - and she said "No! Yuck!!" I said to her, "What do you think would happen if you drug a real heart around? Do you think you'd get bloody?" Heidi's begging me to stop at this point because SHE'S grossing out at the thought of it, but Anna matter-of-factly replies to me, "Well, you could tie it to a rope and then drag it around. Then you wouldn't get blood on your hands."

That's my girl.


Aunt Phetamine said...

Brilliant response! Not only does she stay clean, but she's keeping it at arm's length. ;)

As always,
Aunt Phetamine

Anonymous said...

That kid's getting one hellified musical education...good job!!

hope you're all well

xolondon said...

Great story. There is real logic in kids matter-of-factness.

Aunt Phetamine, that comment is amusingly jaded. You must have a trail of broken - err, ripped? - hearts behind you!

Yuяi said...

Love Anna's response! Smart kid! :)

Paul said...

haha, cute answer!! I like that Heidi was getting grossed out by this conversation. It reminds me of something that is perfectly normal that if in a film by David Lynch would be amazingly creepy and literal with out doing anything other than filming you :)If that makes any sense at all???