Sunday, April 15, 2007

Shoot them in the brains if you want to live

I'm not even sure how I came across this song, but it is right up my alley - although come to think of it, it was probably The Hype Machine or something like that. But whatever possessed me to search for this kind of thing is beyond me. In any event, the song is "Zombie Killer" by Leslie Hall, who (in a strange coincidence) went to high school just up the street from my house!

So many songs that make reference to the living dead are done by thrash metal bands, so it's a welcome change of pace to hear a song like this sung not only by a female, but also in a style of music that is at least pleasing to my ear.

And dang if that's not big hair on the album cover!


Yuяi said...

Wow... why did I not expect "electronica" when I clicked on the link? I was thining "HEE-HAW" or something C/W... musta been the hair!

She has the biggest hair in all of Texas or Iowa--EASILY!

ClunyBrown said...

If you like good zombie music you should try
Hope you engoy it!