Wednesday, April 18, 2007

My current soundtrack

Seven songs I'm really into and why. Do it on your blog if you feel so moved.

1) On With The Song - Mary Chapin Carpenter. This is perhaps the best commentary on the state of our nation and this administration that I have heard yet. It starts out like a Boston song - you almost expect to hear "I looked out this morning and the sun was gone/Turned on some music to start my day." It's funny how it is more specifically about the Dixie Chicks controversy, but somehow manages to be bigger than that. The final lyric "I gotta be true to myself and to you/So on with the song/I don't give a damn" is just classic.

2) Sorcerer - Stevie Nicks. This is from her Trouble In Shangri-La CD and was also featured on her recent best-of compilation Crystal Visions. I only knew this song as a Marilyn Martin song prior to hearing Stevie's version. A great song and it shows that next to Lindsey Buckingham, the other person born to produce Stevie Nicks is Sheryl Crow.

3) Human Spark - Michael W. Smith. There was a time that I really got into most of what Michael W. Smith did, even though contemporary Christian music generally makes me want to hurl. However, I got all caught up in the fact that he was all right-wing and a Bush supporter and it became very hard to listen to his music. Then there was my whole crisis of faith (not as dramatic as that sounds.) But slowly, I've started listening to his music again, and this track, from an album that was released during the time I just couldn't handle him because of his perceived politics, is actually quite good.

4) Don't Walk Away - Toni Childs. I had completely forgotten about this song! A powerful female voice that I just loved when I was in high school. My friend Kelly always hated her - said that her voice was like a knife cutting through bread, which I suppose I can see. The album this song came from (Union) is quite good and I had it on CD for quite some time before the great CD purge of 2004.

5) Me & My Imagination - Sophie-Ellis Bextor. I think I am going to have to find a way to purchase SEB's record. All the songs that I've heard from it really appeal to me and this one is EVEN BETTER than "Catch You" if such a thing is possible.

6) Love Alive - Heart. I know, do I listen to any current music? Well, only what I discover through pop music blogs and such. Another classic rock track - albeit a soft track - and was actually in a dream I had the other night. I was listening to my iPod at night while I slept and a live version of "Love Alive" that I have was on so I dreamt that Ann was performing it. As dreams will do to you, it was all screwed up in my brain, so it was like Ann did a horrible job performing the track! I woke up shortly after the dream wondering how it happened because I didn't think I had a live version of this song, but sure enough, I did.

7) Big Wheel - Tori Amos. One of the leaked tracks from Tori's new CD. What can I say? I really love it.

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