Monday, April 09, 2007

A pox on the house of Netflix

Remember this sturm and drang? Well, it's repeating itself. It took me 2 weeks to watch American Psycho (not a bad movie, there's certainly a good story in there somewhere, but it did not translate to the screen well) and I sent it back on Saturday, fully hoping to get "Maude" for Tuesday. Well, Netflix completely skipped over the top of it and are sending me something FOUR SPOTS DOWN MY QUEUE!



Yuяi said...

Rat bastards...all of 'em!

Paul said...

ah the curse of online dvd rental. i can't remember the last time i got something at the top of my list!!

Dan said...

I usually have no problem at all getting what's right at the top of my queue - which is why this is particularly vexing. I saw the DVD set at Borders tonight and nearly bought it but then was all "Do I really need to OWN it?"

Brian said...

I remember looking forward to something really light and fluffy and stupid, say an Amanda Bynes movie, if I were ever to watch such a thing, but instead I get Hotel Rwanda. That one sat unwatched for a month, because it ended up being one of those movies you are supposed to watch, even though it wasn't even supposed to be there.

Dan said...

Yeah, I hate those movies that feel like homework. The movie that felt like that most (which ended up being better than we were thinking) was "As Good As It Gets" which we went to in the theater in preparations for the Oscars that year.

That was when we still went to movies in the theater, though. ;)