Wednesday, January 30, 2008

They say it's your birthday

A big old happy 33rd birthday to my brother Ryan. 33 years ago today, the second kid in our family arrived, and well, he turned out pretty darn good! One of the highlights of 2007 was our trip to Phoenix to see him and his wife (and also get some severely discounted dental work done for Heidi.) Plus I got a free cleaning to boot.

So here's to the only brother I have. I can't believe you're 33, but to be honest, 36 is starting to freak me out just a teeny bit.

And in honor of his birthday, here's the R-rated 80s band from It's a video that Ryan showed me on one of their trips back to Iowa, and every time we watch it, it's like watching it for the first time. That's probably because Ryan wishes he had made this video.

The audio is NSFW unless you're the boss (like Ryan is) or you're wearing headphones.

R Rated 80s Band - Watch more free videos

Happy birthday, bro!


God said...

My only brother is 33, too. Crazy!

Myfizzypop said...

i am 33!!! What a small world :P

Happy Birthday Ryan!! You have one cool bro in Dan :) Count your blessings. My brother is an utter tosser...