Monday, June 07, 2010

Aphrodite? All right!

I have managed to resist the temptation to blog the album announcement, the release of the kick-off single and the video premiere. But with the leak of a 9 minute, 6 song megamix from Kylie's forthcoming album Aphrodite arriving on the internet last night, I could no longer be silenced. I first heard of it when I saw XO tweeting about it. His reply on Twitter?

xolondon @dancpharmd The Kylie mix will tip you into Gayville Dan. It is that good.

While I have to say that it didn't accomplish that (still just an honorary member of that tribe, I guess), it is beyond my wildest expectations for Kylie's album. Kylie's last album, X, was such a grower for me, but from the sounds of the songs on this album, Kylie hit this one out of the park. Listen for yourself - but be prepared for the trip to Gayville that XO warned about.

Is "Hands Up" not the most infectious thing you've heard all year?

What kills me about Kylie is how that paper thin voice of hers can elicit such strong reactions in me. Perhaps it's the production, perhaps it's the unbridled joy in the songs. Whatever it is, she's doing it right.

July 5th cannot come quickly enough.

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