Monday, November 20, 2006

A bit of a bizarre morning

I woke up this morning and Heidi was still in bed, which is so out of the ordinary for the month of November as she's been getting up at the crack of dawn to write every day. And, well, as it turns out, she had been up, but had come back to bed. Her post details it well.

So I was out at Wheatsfield this morning buying black licorice and ginger snaps and jasmine incense (perhaps the most motley mix of things every purchased at any store.)

I love you honey, I hope that they all help. And the story won't go away. The Muse and I won't let it. It's too important to everyone and everything.

And even though it seems trite, it seems apropos this morning. Chin up, young person.

And you're right. This Heather Small CD is FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!! (is that enough exclamation marks?)

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Anonymous said...

Blogger is being inane and I'm not even attempting to sign in, but this is ME.

And I love you, honey. Thank you for being errand boy and a very good husband.