Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Rain, feel it on my fingertips

I simply cannot believe that it is still raining this morning. Or, perhaps more accurately judging from the radar below, raining again. So I get to walk to work in the rain. Again. And in the dark since the sun's not up yet. So it's just like last night. Fabulous.

It seems like I just went to bed - and I had a horrible night sleep-wise. I woke up about every hour for some reason or another, and when I did sleep, I dreamt the most insane dreams. I remember one where someone I work with was telling me how to lose weight after the holidays! Whatever!

I probably should leave now before that really heavy stuff hits us and I'm walking in knee deep puddles.


Anonymous said...


I believe a kind and adoring, and also stunningly gorgeous in her PJs, I might add, gave you a ride.

Just felt I should CLARIFY for the room.

Anonymous said...

okay, now it won't let me delete that. WIFE. I was missing a noun. I caught so caught up in being adoring and gorgeous I forgot to mention I was a WIFE.

Just so you don't think it was his mistress or a random hooker or something. They were washing their hair.