Monday, November 06, 2006

International siblings

It's official - at this very minute, I'm the only one of my siblings still in the U.S. Right now, my brother and his wife are in Russia - probably either in Moscow or Tula - but they'll be heading back to the States tomorrow as near as I can tell. It's a 16 hour flight, and well, that's just a damn long time to be on a plane.

My sister is in a hotel tonight in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Tomorrow, she catches a flight up to Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada to begin her new job as a dentist up there. It's been a long and difficult road for her, but she's made it through. I'm very happy for her - a bit jealous, but I think I'd probably jump off a building from SAD if I had to deal with a 3 hour day on the winter solstice. Granted, the flip side of that is in the summer, there's probably a 21 hour day.

Yellowknife is 2,411 miles from Ames by car. That's a damn long way. The only road to Yellowknife is closed in the winter because it snows over. They already have snow up there. It's already MUCH colder than it is here -- which stands to reason since it's so much further north.

It does look gorgeous, though. I'm slightly jealous because it does sound like a fun adventure - one I'm sure fraught with anxiety, but an adventure nonetheless. I think I love the idea of a big adventure like that in theory, but in practice, I'm much happier with the known. So perhaps it's best that I'm here in Ames, IA living out my existence.

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