Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Some sanity left in the world

I haven't really been involved in politics since the 2004 fiasco. Not to be dramatic, but to be dramatic, a part of me died that day. But today, I have reason to feel confident for the future, at least here in Iowa because we decidedly did not elect a skunk to the governorship. Instead, we voted in Chet Culver. And I'm proud to be one of those non-skunk voters.

Of the multiple thousand of reasons to not vote for Jim Nussle, the Republican nominee for governor of Iowa, the biggest reason to not vote for him would be because he wanted to get an amendment written into the Iowa constitution to ban gay marriage. It has long been my position that you do not amend the constitution, either on a state or federal level, to match the current cultural winds--especially when it means writing discrimination into it. And besides, banning gay marriage is just plain idiotic anyway.

The Dems have control of at least one of the chambers of Congress, which will help some. Now, they just have to prove themselves worthy of our confidence in them.

Perhaps the funniest part of the whole night is that Heidi was talking to me tonight - having this incredibly deep discussion about masculinity and femininity as it applied to her current manuscript, all the while, I was obsessively reloading the local election results. Tomorrow, it's back to normal, but I had to stay up at least until they called the race for Culver. And they just did, so I'm off to bed.

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