Saturday, November 25, 2006

I would SO be at this show

My friend John sent me this link to Kylie's new Showgirl tour. It appears that she has changed quite a bit of the show - and while I didn't think that the original permutation of Showgirl needed a whole lot of improving, I suppose I can hardly blame her for wanting to change a few things, beings as she had to cancel the last half of the tour to have chemotherapy. I think I'd like a clean break as well. Anyway here it is.

John's going to see her in London in January - and I'm SO wishing I could go too! I wish Kylie would tour in the States, but I'm not sure she could sell out arenas in the U.S. like she does everywhere else. *sigh* The U.S. just can't get it's pop music act together.

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