Sunday, November 19, 2006


There was a post here previously where I berated myself for feeling like a lousy parent. It has been deleted. It's probably for the best. For those of you that saw it, I'm terribly sorry you had to bear witness to my pity party. For those who missed it, consider yourself lucky.

But last night I did have a very odd dream. I dreamt that I was sitting in Village Inn with Heidi and suddenly, over the PA system (which usually plays music) came the Casey Stratton song "Unicorn." Now, this is a VERY obscure Casey Stratton song - until very recently, it wasn't even available. But the funny part is that I was listening to my iPod while I slept (it was one of those early morning dreams, and I'd woken up and decided to put my iPod on before going back to sleep) which explains the presence of "Unicorn." Anyway, I look up, and in the booth straight ahead of me, there was Casey. And I gave him this look of recognition, like "OMG, they're playing 'Unicorn'!" and he gave me the thumbs up. And then he came over to the table where Heidi and I were sitting and he said "You really need to come over to my house sometime - check September and see what works for you." I mean, WTF? I can't imagine any sequence of events where anything even remotely like that would ever happen!! I guess that's why it was just a stupid dream that made, in the end, completely no sense whatsoever.

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