Tuesday, May 01, 2007

The coolest guy in the universe

I'm a bit more prone to tears than most men are, I think. But that's been part and parcel to my experiences with depression, and so, being so strong and stable for so long, I haven't really had much need for them - no time for tears, as Jo Dee Messina would say (egads, when was the last time I thought about THAT song!)

But work has been uber-stressful and it's caused a whole raft of emotions to come bubbling to the surface. Today I was better, I found my zen and stayed there. It also helped that I called Heidi and had her bring in the iPod stage so that I could listen to it since I was kind of doing my own thing today anyway. But nonetheless, I've found myself sad for reasons I can't articulate and just basically a mess from time to time.

Then I got home from work today and I read this.

And the tears, except this time tears of "I'm so lucky!" instead of those awful crap ones that go along with feeling horrible.

I love you too, honey. In the words of the L'Oreal ad, you're worth it!

So straight out of the True Blue liner notes, I'm the coolest guy in the universe. Let's hope we end up better than Sean and Madge did. I have a feeling that we will.


Anonymous said...

*hugs coolest guy in the universe*

*also sneaks a pat on his cute butt*

Aunt Phetamine said...

You illuminate her, Dan. You have no idea how jealous 99.9% of the world's population is of you and what you both have.

As always,
Aunt Phetamine

xolondon said...

Wow - I read Heidi's post and it was very sweet. Ya'll ARE very lucky!

And don't even get me started on London...

Yuяi said...

Excellent post!

It's awesome how you guys inspire each other!

And it's also cool how both of you inspire others through your blogs. :)

genkiboy said...

all together now: "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaw" :)