Thursday, May 17, 2007

Thursday 13: Peer pressure edition

Because Heidi and Caryle have done it, I am going to do it as well. I chose to do it from my iPod as it has a smaller pool of songs to pick from and is less likely to come up with exceptionally obscure stuff.

13 Random Songs from my iPod

1) Teenage Hustling (Tori Amos) - A track from Tori's new CD. I'm not really what you would classify as a Tori fan, but I can appreciate her work. Her last album was best described to me by a friend as "a great album, only you have to find it amidst 23 songs." There are some really strong tracks on this CD, and "Teenage Hustling" is one of them.

2) When You Walk Away (Cher) - This was from Cher's most recent album Living Proof which was an unforgiveable 5 years ago. Come on, Cher! Get with it and record again! What I love most about this song is that it kind of marries Cher's disco diva persona with the bombastic song style of the faux metal era. I love it even though it's Diane Warren dreck - Cher redeems it, as only Cher can.

3) Am I The Only One (Dixie Chicks) - One of those songs from the Chicks' debut that Heidi has completely forgotten about. I love Martie's fiddle - I think it's probably my favorite thing about the Dixie Chicks. Plus there's something really raw about their major label debut - as calculated as it may be - that is appealing. Ah, the days before their name became synonymous with political controversy.

4) Touched By An Angel (Stevie Nicks) - This is one of those odd soundtrack tracks that Stevie has done throughout her career - this one from the film Sweet November - which Jeff likes and as far as I know, is the only person to have liked that movie. I love Stevie's vocals on this track - especially in the chorus - I have a whole blog post that I'm going to do someday regarding recent Stevie Nicks (i.e. everything post 1989, if that qualifies as recent) but that is still being written.

5) Once Upon A Summertime (Blossom Dearie) - Oh, I just love Blossom, with a voice that was once described as not being able to reach the second story of a dollhouse. But I love it. I've blogged Blossom before, but she just bears repeating. She is 81 years old and still performing in New York City and London. She is on the short list of people I must see before I die (or more likely, before she dies.) From what I've heard, she still sounds like she did all those years ago.

6) Something About You (Level 42) - This is a defining 80s single for me. Although it also has a dual memory for me because I remember listening to Level 42's best-of set at a friend of a friend's house in 1995 and it led me to purchase it myself. So many 80s songs have that dual memory - the original one associated with the initial release, and a corresponding memory to being out at a bar on 80s night.

7) Rain In Spring (Casey Stratton) - Just prior to the release of The Crossing, Casey released a motherlode of B-sides from his 1997 project Lily Sleeps. And...sssshhh!...there are a lot of songs on here that I like better than the ones on The Crossing. But that's just me. This is a gorgeous song. I love how the chorus seems to change key - almost from minor to major, but I could just be dreaming there.

8) Alive Again (Cher) - Geez, another one from Living Proof? Really, Living Proof got the short end of the stick. In many ways, it's a better record than Believe. But when you think about it, "Believe" (the song) was kind of a novelty despite the fact that it is a great dance track. The fact that Cher had to be dragged practically kicking and screaming to record a dance record is really amazing to me. Honestly, what's left for her to do in her career? And have I mentioned that she needs to be recording again soon?

9) Come Back With My Heart (Bananarama) - For years, the only copy of this I had was one that I had converted into an mp3 from the cassette tape of WOW! Now that all the Bananarama albums have been treated to a remaster, I finally have this song in pristine quality again. Honestly, Bananarama have always been much more of a singles act than an album act - a little bit tends to go a long long way with me.

10) Solitude (Casey Stratton) - This is yet another track from the Lily Sleeps B-Sides project. Casey's ability with a lyric always gets me - as I've detailed here numerous times - and this one is no exception. "Yesterday's baggage is drenched by the power of our hurricane/Something is dying." A bit over the top, but I think that's one of the things I love most about Casey. This song also uses the lower end of Casey's register on the first verse, which is so nice to hear as we so rarely hear it.

11) Hole In My Head (Lucy Kaplansky) - I first knew this song via the Dixie Chicks, but I almost like Lucy's version better. Whenever I listen to Lucy Kaplansky, I think of two things: that she is a freaking Ph.D. in clinical psychology and gave it all up for music (go Lucy! for chasing your dream!), and how Heidi inadvertantly wrote "Lucky Kaplansky" on the CD-R we made of stuff of hers we bought from iTunes.

12) Only In My Dreams (Debbie Gibson) - OK, go ahead and laugh, but you know you like it.

13) The Highwayman (Stevie Nicks) - This song is the fabulous closer to Bella Donna. And it's a perfect closer to this list of 13 songs. He the glory, she the love, and still they try again.


Paul said...

laugh? At Debbie Gibson?! Never ;P

Anonymous said...

Oh, the want to listen to Debbie Gibson now, ... it burns! :)

I may pull out the Dixie Chicks CDs on the road trip to my parent's place today. They're great sing along music.

xolondon said...

You like Blossom Dearie?! I love her. My favorites are "It Amazes Me" and "Manhattan"

I bet your ipod wears socks with sandals...

Dan said...

Actually, quite the contrary - my iPod is the most fabulous one that I know of! Although I suppose if the allusion is to the fact that many of the songs are "one of these things is not like the other", then yes, socks with sandals it is.

Anonymous said...

check out the original of "am I the only one" by maria mckee. I think it's from her 1st solo CD after lone justice. she's so awesome!