Tuesday, May 15, 2007

In place of a proper blog post

I have all these blog posts that I keep meaning to write, but every night after work I am just too fried to compose intelligent sentences and paragraphs. I have 100+ posts in Google Reader to read and aside from friends' blogs, not much is getting read. So this will have to do in the meantime.

1) I listened to Fergie's version of "Barracuda" which is on the soundtrack of the upcoming Shrek the Third. I pretty much agree with Popwatch's assessment of it. Honestly, it makes me want to go listen to Ann Wilson belt it out, even though Fergie is practically channeling Ann Wilson on the track. It's probably one of the most unnecessary remakes ever, as it adds nothing to the song and the song was practically perfect in each and every way already. Plus it was used to great effect in Charlie's Angels. But perhaps the most amazing thing of all is that in the comment section of the post over at Popwatch, there are people who haven't heard the original. Seriously, these people have been deprived.

2) Anyone who has not seen Anna and Heidi's haircuts simply must go here to view them. According to Heidi, one of the dance mothers looked disapprovingly at it today and even suggested extensions for Anna's hair for the recital. Get real.

3) I talked to the famous Mike on Sunday for the very first time (cue Madonna's wo-oh-oh-oh-oh-OH!) and it was a fabulous time! Skype was free all around the world on Sunday (most likely in honor of Mother's Day) so we called and talked for an obscenely long time about everything under the sun.

4) That Zodiac review is still coming. One word: fantastic. Now I have to go read the book, blast it all. Good birthday idea.


xolondon said...

LOVE the haircuts, I really do. Very sophisticated!

Now Fergie is not sophisticated, so I am avoiding her take on Ann and Nance.

Yuяi said...

I agree with Steve, the haircuts are fantastico! Or in the words of Charla and Mirna, "Belissima! Belissima!"

I like Fergie and all, but you are right--she adds ZIP to the song. Why do a remake if you have nothing more to add? I guess $$$ is my answer! Ann's version is still tops in my book!

Anonymous said...

The more I hear about these dance moms, the more I want to beat them over the head with my shoe, an especially pointy one. Grrr!

Anna could not look more adorable. Extensions.... pffffft!

Dan said...

I resisted using pejoratives in the post like "dance Nazis" or "dance psychos" but it's starting to seem more and more appropriate. Seriously, they're LITTLE KIDS. Let them be kids fro crying out loud.

XO/Yuri (sorry, can't seem to get that backward R in there) ;) -- I don't think I need to ever hear Fergie's version ever again, but I think I need to invest in the remastered version of Little Queen. Mine sounds so bad!