Sunday, October 07, 2007

Get fresh at the weekend

A bunch of things that I've been thinking about but I haven't the time to give them each their own blog post.

1) Debbie Harry's new CD is FINALLY coming out on Tuesday. I am SHOCKED (shocked! I say!) that there is nary a mention of it in the Best Buy and Target ads this week. OK, well not really. I'm not even sure I'll be able to buy the physical CD here in Iowa so I will likely be buying it on iTunes. Full review coming soon.

2) We officially became Unitarian Universalists this weekend and I'm happier for it. I will never forget when I told someone that I was going to that church and they had always referred to it as "that cult church on Hyland." Well, I suppose that all religions are, in one way or another, a cult, but I think this fails the cult test on so many levels, it's ridiculous. In any event, we finally found a church home after a long time in looking.

3) The HIV/AIDS conference I went to on Friday was hugely helpful in catching me up on what's going in the field these days. There are so many new drugs coming out to treat HIV infection that I had no idea about. It has also reignited my desire to get involved in AIDS awareness even more than I already am. I have absolutely no idea how to go about doing it with a full time job and a young family, but I will certainly endeavor to find a way.

4) I am officially sick of it being so bloody hot. Although it is going to cool off this week into the low 60s - just in time for us to take off for Phoenix.

5) That's it. I'm off to take a nap.

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