Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Definitely my daughter

While I was at Halloween last night (more on that later tonight), Heidi and Anna found themselves randomly surfing the web and, although I personally have no experience with randomly surfing the web *whistles*, I hear that those are the times you come across the most unexpected things.

Like this:Anna's exact words were, upon viewing Barbie as Cher, "Ah - I want that! But she doesn't look like she can stand up well."

Are you kidding? If it didn't seem to confirm every assumption ever made about me by people who do not know me well, I would buy that and put it on my shelf in my office. However, I draw the line at putting Barbie dolls up there with the zombies, Aliens and Scully and Mulder (among others.) Still, it is Cher. Wearing the famous slingshot.

Now, had it been Barbie as Madonna wearing the famous cone bras and the fabulous I Dream Of Jeannie Blond Ambition hair, I wouldn't even think twice.

(There's also this one, but, as Anna just informed me it is SOLD OUT!)

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xolondon said...

Wow your daughter looks like Cher in that pic.